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Which Social Media Platforms Are Best for Advertising?

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Choosing the best advertising online platform depends on your business, industry, campaign’s goals, target audience, and the nature of the product or service you deal with. Marketers today rely on advertising on social media for everything, from promoting items to building brand loyalty. Social media tends to be the most efficient method, even for referring online traffic. Let’s have a look at the platforms that will drive the most website traffic in 2023.

Most popular social networks worldwide as of July 2023, ranked by number of monthly active users.

Global stats of Social media


Interestingly, when we compare the global statistics from KSA the results are pretty different in terms of platform prioritization, instead of Facebook people use WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter & TikTok more.

KSA Stats of Social platforms


2. Meta Ads: Facebook and Instagram Ads:

Facebook and Instagram are part of the same advertising ecosystem which is Meta. They offer highly targeted advertising options based on user demographics, interests, and behavior. Instagram’s visual nature can be particularly effective for the presentation of visually appealing products or services. The nature of Facebook and Instagram is different and can be utilized for advertising in different ways like Influential marketing campaigns as well.

Facebook and Instagram ads are best for: Brands targeting a wide range of demographics and running visual-centric campaigns.

Why: Facebook and Instagram offer precise audience targeting, and their user bases are still massive. They also provide various ad formats, including image and video ads to reach potential audiences.

3. Snapchat Ads:

Snapchat appeals to a younger demographic and offers various ad formats, including filters, stories, and Discover content. It can be a good choice for brands targeting a younger audience.

Snapchat is best for targeting a younger category of audience who likes to stay closely connected through snap streaks, interested in fashion, lifestyle, and fun video content and this audience doesn’t use mature platforms like Facebook or Twitter much.

Why: Snapchat’s unique features, such as Snap Ads, enable brands to get inventive and create distinctive, interactive, and engaging campaigns that stand out from conventional advertising techniques. This provides brands power by utilizing a high level of creativity in their advertisements.

4. Twitter Ads:

Twitter can be effective for real-time marketing and reaching a diverse range of audiences who believe in the power of having company’s or individual’s opinions & journalism for all. Promoted tweets, trends, and accounts are advertising options for different objectives.

Twitter ads are best to reach the opinion makers and a very specific kind of mature audience who wants to be heard on all kinds of issues like; social, economic, political, etc.

Why: Twitter allows advertisers to boost a specific topic with promoted trends, increase account exposure with promoted accounts, and expand reach on a post with promoted tweets.

5. TikTok Ads:

TikTok has seen explosive growth, especially among younger audiences. It’s a platform for short-form video content and offers advertising options to engage with the TikTok user base.

Best For Brands looking to tap into younger demographics and create engaging video content.

Why: TikTok’s user base is predominantly younger, making it an excellent platform to target Gen Z and Millennials. It’s known for its engaging and short-form video content.

6. YouTube Ads:

YouTube is a popular platform for video advertising. It offers the opportunity to reach a massive audience through pre-roll and in-stream ads. With video content becoming more prevalent, YouTube continues to be a powerful advertising platform.

YouTube ads are best for Brands with engaging video content and storytelling capabilities.

Why: Video content continues to grow in popularity. YouTube allows you to reach a wide audience through various ad formats, including skippable, non-skippable, and display ads.

7. Pinterest Ads:

If your products or services are visually appealing, Pinterest can be an excellent choice. It’s a platform focused on discovery, making it ideal for e-commerce and lifestyle brands.

Pinterest is best for pinning the inspirations in pictures; it is best for businesses like handmake artwork, carpets, show pieces, cutlery, furniture or house inspirations, etc.

Why: Pinterest advertising can be a very effective way to increase brand awareness and engagement, drive traffic, and boost sales. Now, with interest-targeting powered by the Pinterest Taste Graph. By tracking and understanding Pinners’ evolving interests, tastes, and preferences, the Pinterest Taste Graph offers an expansive collection of 5,000 interests and categories in the Pinterest Ads Manager. This allows advertisers to reach more specific, niche, obscure audiences. The more Pinners search, save, and click, the more refined the targeting and the more accurate the data.

8. LinkedIn Ads:

LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B advertising. It’s a place where professionals connect, making it ideal for reaching a business-focused audience.
LinkedIn ads are best for B2B companies looking to connect with decision-makers and professionals.

Why: LinkedIn is the go-to platform for B2B advertising. It allows you to target professionals based on their job title, company size, and industry.

web traffic social media ads

Web Traffic Referrals from Social Media (KSA)

Web traffic referrals


Share of web traffic arriving on third-party websites via clicks or taps on links published in social media platforms (Any Device).

Web traffic referrals from social media have their importance in 2022. Since 32.60% of internet users in KSA log in to social media to make purchases, investing in social media can turn out to be a successful bet.


It’s crucial to perform market research and consider your unique business goals and customer profiles when choosing an advertising platform. Furthermore, regularly monitoring and optimizing your campaigns is key to running a successful campaign. As consumer behaviors and technology evolve, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and adjusting your strategies with real-time data is essential for advertising success.

The effectiveness of these online platforms can vary depending on your target audience, industry, and advertising goals. It’s important to regularly assess the latest trends and performance data to determine which platforms are best for your advertising needs in 2023. Additionally, consider emerging platforms and technologies to get the data, and drive insights from it, what the global trend is, how market dynamics are in your country, and from which platform there is potential of getting more Web traffic referrals for more sales. All such data is important for marketers and business analysts to choose which platform to use for effective and successful online advertising.

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